Applying to raffles

What are the start dates?

We have 4 intakes per year.The term normally starts on the 1st week of Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct.

The closing date varies, but it is advisable for you to apply as early as possible so that all application processes can be settled
before you start school. International students should check visa application requirements and processing timesfor their country.


Is each new intake a new course start?

Yes, we start our courses from the beginning at each of our 4 annual intakes.


What are the entry requirements?

Depends on the course you're applying for. See the full list of entry requirements at Applying. If you're an international student, also have a look at our English requirements.


How can I apply to study at Raffles College?

You will need to contact our Education Consultant, fill up an application form with relevant documents (listed in applying). Once all documents are submitted together with the first payment upon admission, a letter of acceptance will be issued to you.


Do I have to attend a personal interview?

We think it's a good idea for you to attend a personal interview if you're interested in any of our programs. It's not compulsory, but it's a good opportunity for us to find out more about each other and for you to have a good understanding of what the course is all about before you start.


What if I want to study design but I don't have a portfolio?

It's absolutely alright to study with us without a portfolio. Our first year subjects are basic and suited for high school graduates who do not have any expertise or experience in design.

Are there any prerequisite subjects that I need to do in Year 12 if I want to do design?
Not really, although it does help if you do an art or design course. See our Applying page for info about what we do require.


Are there any prerequisite subjects that I need to do in Year 12 if I want to do design?

Not really, although it does help if you do an art or design course. See our Applying page for info about what we do require.


What if my GAT/PAT admission test result is not all that great?

If you're thinking about doing one of our design programs, the good news is we don't assess students by their GAT/PAT score (Thai Universities Admissions test). What's important is that you've got an aptitude for design, are creative and interested in a creative career. For our Commerce programs, we do not follow the GAT/PAT score as well. That means that if you don't have a great score, then you have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to do the course.


What if I didn't do high school in Thailand?

Our academic entry requirements (applying page) for our undergraduate programs state the Thailand high school standard "or equivalent". If you've done your high school in another country, you can simply include that information with your application and our Admissions Department will assess you for entry.


How much do the courses cost?

That depends on the course you selected.


Can I get a loan to study at Raffles College?

There are a lot of local banks that offer study loan. We can recommend to you upon your application.


Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, we do offer scholarships selectively and periodically. You need to talk to our Education Consultants to apply for the scholarships.


Can I get credit for other studies I've done?

Yes, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If you'd like to apply for RPL, you'll need to submit an RPL form with your application, together with our prior learning transcripts or portfolio or experiences.


Can I enrol in just some subjects I'm interested in without having to enrol in a full course?

This depends on the subjects you're interested in and your study history. Contact us to discuss your personal situation.


What materials do I have to buy for my course?

Art kits are recommended for some design courses and majors.You have a choice of buying your own materials, or requesting us to buy one for you. You should also have a laptop (see us for specifics) and you will be required to purchase text books.


Can I start after an intake date?

There is an Orientation event at the beginning of each term. Formal classes start on the same week. It's possible to start your course up to 2 weeks after the first class.


Can I defer my course?

Yes. You can defer your course for up to 9 months. Talk to our friendly Student Services Executives for more info.


What happens if I want to cancel my enrolment?

See the Conditions of Enrolment and Refund Policy on the application form.