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Ploy Saeng 10 Festival : 10/10






Graduation project by Yolchanok Nutcharat from Product Design Department has been selected to exhibit in “Ploy Saeng 10 Festival” from 27th June – 11th August 2013 at The Gallery 2, TCDC 6th Floor of the Emporium Shopping Complex.

Yolchanok’s “ADE” (Autism Detected Early) is a tool to help parents detect autism in children at an early age. ADE is designed in a form of children’s toy but it is also a tool that can detect irregular developments and signs of autism in children. The ADE set should always be operated by parents or adults. From this type of toy, children can learn how to take orders and recognize toy’s shape, then the parents can observe their kids playing with the toy themselves while using a check list which is provided in the ADE set along with its user’s manual for examining any indicators for autism. This tool is ideal for the age range 12 to 18 months. Hospitals should lend the tool to parents and it should be used regularly for over 6 months to observe and record children’s progress. Parents need to return the tool to the hospital and contact a specialist immediately if any abnormalities of their child are found.

Ploy Saeng Festival is one of major annual events under “Creative Thailand Project” launched by Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) to offer an opportunity for college and university graduates to display their work and demonstrate some of the innovative ideas that will drive the country. Ploy Saeng’s Creative Space provides college and university graduates from the class of 2013 a free platform to develop ideas that are original and viable in term of business. This year there were over 500 graduation projects from over 50 universities submitted to Ploy Saeng Festival committee. Yolchanok’s project has been selected to exhibit along with other 96 selected projects from 14 leading universities in Thailand.

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