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RBK Students traveled to Tokyo






Raffles International College Bangkok Students traveled to Tokyo “Heaven for Fashion Fanatics”
Recently 23 students from Raffles Bangkok’s Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing Departments enjoyed a trip to Japan, accompanied by  Mrs. Miriam Varghese – Fashion Design Program Director, Mr. Mike Vancoillie – Fashion Design Lecturer, Ms. Alka Puri – Senior Fashion Marketing Lecturer, and Mr Low Lip Keong, part-time Fashion Marketing Lecturer. 

Ms. Miriam Varghese explained that “our Fashion Design Department aims to organize an overseas trip to students once a year. This time we decided to organize a 7-day trip to Tokyo, Japan. The main purpose of the trip was to give students a visual experience to its culture, the lifestyle, the fashions, as well as the fashion branding and merchandising, all of which are completely different to what our students are used to experience in Thailand. Japan was chosen because it offers such an enormous variety of cultural aspects  and design principles, along with Japan’s impeccably preserved cultural heritage. The fact that Japan is also known as a shoppers’ paradise to both fanatics of ready-to-wear and couture collections  was seen by all as an added benefit.” 

                Among the many activities that were organized by the Raffles team, students visited the Ota Memorial Museum of Art, located near the famous Harajuku area, to learn about woodblock printing on paper; to learn how the wood blocks were engraved and observe the technique of using several blocks to make various colors in one print. In addition, a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Art and Crafts featured the beauty of the prints on Japanese kimonos. Looking closely at the intricate design of each kimono shows the meticulous precision of sewing, perfectly aligning the prints create a continuous pattern.

                Tokyo has long been known as a center of world renowned fashion brands, so students jumped at the chance to visit Ginza, which hosts numerous world’s famous brands such as Comme des GarÇons, Martin Maison Margiela, Uniqlo’s flagship store, Dolce & Gabbana and many more including the stunning 6-storey Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store in Asia. Visiting Ginza was not only about shopping but Ginza is always a paradise for fashion lovers and fashion marketers. This area offered a great opportunity to students to learn about garment designs from around the world and observe how all these brands hit the world’s fashion markets successfully. The hugely spacious  Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store gave the students an amazing experience of fashion marketing and brand differentiation, since the store offers its clients a new shopping experience from the main entrance which is designed like a completely dark cave that gives the shoppers a feeling of entering a new world of fashion shopping. The store also provides store greeters to welcome clients by introducing the store and give advices to them to make their fashion shopping more enjoyable.

                This Japan trip did not merely have fashion and fashion marketing as its primary focus. Students also visited several unique attractions during their leisure time such as the Tsukiji Fish Market; the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world, and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. A tremendous range of fresh seafood was on display including 6-foot long fish and gigantic blue fin tuna which cannot be found anywhere else. Taking a tourist trip to Harajuku was also enjoyable for everyone. Lastly, visiting the tourists’ most recognized landmark “Fujisan” was a not-to-be missed activity. The group took a day-long bus ride to see Mount Fuji but the climax was a return trip which everyone decided to take a bullet train "Shinkansen" to get an extremely speedy experience of the finest high speed train in the world.  

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