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Big toy design innovation 2014 Exhibition

Raffles International College
  BIG+BIH 2014 @ BITEC – Bangkok, Thailand  

Thinking Toys

The Department of International Trade (Thailand) realizes the importance of the Thai industrial sector and recognizes that innovation and the creation of a family relationship between children and adults to play together can facilitate interaction between people of different ages. So the Department of International Trade joint hands with the Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion to organize The “BIG Toy Design Innovation 2014” under a theme of “Multi-Generational Interaction Toys”.

The project was divided into 3 main parts. First was the design thinking workshop, second was the prototype makings and the final step was the design competition. During the workshop selected young designers from Thailand’s leading institutes and universities and manufacturers worked together to design and produce the prototypes under the supervision of local and overseas experts.

Once the prototypes were finished, they were immediately entered into the “BIG Toy Design Innovation Award 2014” and displayed at the BIG+BIF April 2014 at BITEC (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre) to show off the design development potential of Thai toy industry and promote Thai toy designs to the world market.

Raffles Bangkok is proud to announce that the design of 3 students from product design department and their groups were ranged in “Honourable Mention” level and recently displayed at the BIG+BIF 2014.

Raffles International College
  “Balance Ship” designed and built by Ms. Bunyawee Larppanichapunphol (PD student) and Union Toys (Thailand) was awarded “Honourable Mention”. The role of toys is to train different skill sets that could be played with parents and other children the same age. The objectives of the toy are to develop E.Q. through the fun, encourage children to understand logic, develop children’s social skills and improve their problem solving skills.  


Raffles International College
  “Wonderland” designed and built by Krit Baisirikul (PD Student) and Nara Factory was awarded “Honorable Mention”. The set of toy was designed for all family members in order to reduce the age gap and allows participants to have fun equally. The main objective of the toy is to help children develop their fine motor skills from sculpting clay.  


Raffles International College
  “Melmo” designed and built by Manaphol Buranasetakul (PD student) and Asta Foam and Rubber was awarded “Honourable Mention”. It is difficult for adults to understand children’s emotions. Also children cannot express their feeling as well as adults. It must be great if children have something like a friend to help tell others their feelings. So this set of toy was designed as an emotion communication tool in order to help parents to understand the world of their children better.  


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