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Innovative Runway Show




Fashion Marketing and Management students at Raffles Bangkok recently organized and conducted a Fashion Show as a project for their Fashion Coordination and Promotion Module.

The event, sponsored by E-Bay – a leading global e-commerce brand, was designed as a team building exercise for E-Bay Singapore employees and was intended to create stronger relationships between the company’s employees, especially when placed in a situation outside their comfort zone.

Three E-Bay teams, of 15 persons each, were each asked to create two practical clothing designs and to make an item of clothing from recycled materials. Each team was allowed to choose from a variety of used materials, such as newspapers, bottle caps, cardboard etc.

Each team was given 5 minutes to choose all necessary materials and then 30 minutes to sketch a design. The last phase of the competition then gave them an hour and a half to create their product from scratch.

As a finale, the end products were modeled on the runway allowing the judges to arbitrate a conclusion on the winning design based on innovation of design, inventive use of materials, practicality of design and an overall look and feel of the end product.

The Judging Criteria was:
-         Innovation : How to use unconventional and limited resources to create something impressive
-         Team Work : How to organize, communicate and share work in a pressured environment
-         Time Management: How to stick to the time line, with a clock ticking fast and intense pressure.


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