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Interior Design Department visited Italy – the World’s Capital of Design
Recently Raffles Bangkok’s interior design department led by Mr. Wynn Arunrugstichai and Ms. Francesca Lima organized a 6-days trip to Italy for 17 interior design students. The main purpose of this trip was to give students experiences in different culture and Italy could be a choice for them to learn about interior design styles from the past to present day. After their arrival to Milan, the group took a city trip to many city’s landmarks. As an old city where a lot of historic sites have been well conserved, Milan allowed students to learn about interior design history from past to present. 

The group started their trip at Civic Cabinet of Drawings where over twenty-seven thousand specimens from the fifteenth to the twentieth century drawings prior to the creation of figurative works, architectural and decorative arts, as well as drawings of autonomous artistic masterworks are preserved and exhibited.  An historic site that students could not be missed was Castello Sforzesco -built in 14th century. This castle represents the excellence of 14th century architecture and design. 

Bovisa Coworking Space presents a style of modern office design that involves a shared working environment, often an office and independent activity. Bovisa gave students perfect examples of a large scaled office design and sustainable design in present day.

Another climax of this trip was a workshop at Fabrica Del Vapore. The workshop was about a parallelism between photography and interior design. Students learnt about how important the point of view is; when we approach to a furniture design and how the knowledge of the light can give the right proportions of the objects during different timing of the day. The guest lecturer also demonstrated how to use two kinds of different lights together to gives a perfect effect of third dimension.

Milan is one of the world’s centers of art museums and galleries. Students got their chance to visit a lot of museums and galleries such as Triennale Design Museum, Corso Como 10 and Museum Planetario.

Sight-seeing and shopping but shopping in Milan is not only for pleasure. Before leaving, students and lecturers spent their leisure time to visit many famous tourist attractions and retail stores such as Armani Flagship Store where the group learnt about interior design for large scaled retail store. 


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