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A Talk with Raffles’ Event Management Guru

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A Talk with Raffles’ Event Management Guru

Recently Raffles Bangkok welcomed an editorial team from MKT Event Magazine - only one bi-monthly magazine published in Thai language that focuses on event business in Thailand and South East Asia. Since Raffles is the only institute in Thailand offering a degree in Events Management, the MKT Event Magazine decided to feature a special report based on an interview with Raffles Bangkok’s Events Management program director-Mr. David Hill and lecturer-Ms. Bernadette Kongswasdi.

Mr. David Hill started the conversation with a brief detail about Events Management program. “as a lecturer, we aim to provide students a well rounded business education that focuses on their desired specialty, in this case Events Management. To meet the market’s demand, we provide well-rounded business educations. Students are exposed to the key areas required for staging an event, covering the whole process from creation to evaluation, and also managing a business. They learn what matters in the business world, and how to apply those skills.  What they can do in the future is really unlimited – it’s up to them. They may go to work for some company, they may start their own company, and they may continue their education going on for a Masters degree or even a Doctorate in business field or related.”

Now an up-coming economic community format called “ASEAN Economics Community” or “AEC” becomes a famous topic to discuss for most people. To prepare for this big change, Mr. David Hill explained that “we start even earlier than anyone because our classroom itself is essentially a mini-AEC. When you consider that we have schools that work together in AEC member countries, and that our students can transfer between those schools you soon realize that we have, in effect, already implemented much of what the AEC is intended to accomplish.  Additionally being an international institute, we not only help prepare students for the coming changes, we also prepare them for life in the global community.

At the end of the interview, Ms. Bernadette added some interesting tips to those who want to succeed in event business. “Of course, you can learn so many things from school but that’s not enough. If you want to become a professional, keep in mind that you need these qualities; Patience – tons of it! because you need to work with a lot of people, Attention to all Details, Well Organized, Detailed Planning, Strength of Character – be firm but nice to everyone, Honest – actually it is a must-have quality of every professional, “Can Do” Attitude – everything is possible, Always be Prepared, Enthusiastic - be happy and spread it to the people around you, Creative – keep in mind that CREATIVITY HAS NO LIMITS!”