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Sustainability of Society has been the leading theme for our students working on their
Diploma and Bachelor-Projects in Multimedia Design. To take active responsibility on
societal issues to create a more humane and liveable environment has always been
our superior concern.Enjoy the very different approaches of our students in the presented videos.

Joana Stella Kompa
Program Director Multimedia Design

‪Educational Perspective on Brain Drain in Nepal

By.Mr. Sandeep Gurung.

A Critical Analysis of Education Deterioration in Thailand

By Tana Samatiyadekul


2D animated info-graphics by Tana Samatiyadekul (Class Major Studio Project 2)
Raffles Bangkok-Multimedia student's project based on his research on Thai education. His project aimed to critically analyze factors undermined education  in Thailand. The target audience of the media is Thai people who are directly involved with education system in Thailand such as students, teachers and agencies.

Wasteland Warriors - Environmental Activist Video

by Sukhumalchandr Pongspat (Yoth)


Wasteland Warriors is a viral and experimental activist video promoting the use of bicycles by Sukhumalchandr Pongspat (Yoth) - Final Submission (BA Multimedia). Raffles International College 2012. Best Editing and Sound-design.

Biking in Bangkok – Video Portrait

by Phongpat Sukhumalchandr


'Biking in Bangkok' is a  well-photographed video portrait of Panapong Permpoom, rock musician and bike enthusiast, about driving his bicycle in Bangkok. A diploma project by Phongpat Sukhumalchandr. Raffles International College Bangkok, 2012.

Buses in Bangkok – Motion Graphic Presentation

by Pakkaporn Lunjakornkul (Yok)


'Buses in Bangkok' is a diploma project by multimedia student Pakkaporn Lunjakornkul (Yok) addressing issues with the bus system in Bangkok. Raffles International College Bangkok, 2012.

The Land of Smiles – Social Documentary

by Teppo Nonjonen


web site :http://losmiles.com/index.html

A short and much-discussed documentary about Thailand's social structure by Teppo Nonjonen (BA Multimedia)The 18-minute documentary takes a closer look at the issues behind the political turmoil in Thailand. Produced in 2011. 


Mark Cogan (United Nations, Bangkok)

Voranai Vanijaka (Bangkok Post)

Khantong Dalad (Duang Prateep Foundation)


Synopsis: Thailand's rapid economic growth has seen the gap between poor and rich widening. While the upper-class Bangkokians enjoy luxury lifestyle, people from rural areas are desperate to make a living in the metropolitan areas of Bangkok. "The Land of Smiles" documentary takes a closer look at the problems of Thai society and what stands behind the recent political turmoil. The aim of the film is not to judge, but to give a better understanding of how things are developing in Thai society. How can issues such as corruption and the lack of education be overseen and why are the poor left without sensible income? How can Thai society be harmonious when it is torn apart by money and greed?

Featured in ‘Cultureunplugged’/  Filmfestival: Humanity Explored