Bonfarh Suphangkanan

Business Management / Graduate Class of 2014 / Nationality: Thai

I just received my Diploma in Business Management from Raffles Bangkok Thailand. For my last three months at Raffles I did my internship at Thai Airways International Public Company Limited in Cabin Crew Association.

Thai Airways is the best and biggest Airline in Thailand, so I think this is the best opportunity for me to learn and prepare myself to enter the real working world. From the internship, I learnt a lot of new things and had a chance to do lots of thing that I have never done before. These new experiences taught me how to manage time and work efficiently, also helped me learn how to be well organized. I had improved a lot of things from what I learnt from Thai Airways. I think the internship program is very helpful in my future career.

thanatcha niyom

Fashion Marketing & Management / Graduate Class of  2016 / Nationality: Thai

I would say that Raffles is a good place and choice for you if you are interested in design and business. Recently I do satisfied programs that Raffles offers and I believe that Raffles will keep developing majors and subjects to be better and better in the future and become a leading international design and business college in Thailand. Also AEC is coming, to study in an international is such an advantage for students and for their careers. You could have such experience that you will never had experience in a thai school. At Raffles, there is no right or wrong to share your opinions ideas or technique. Everyone's idea is accept as a new idea. Idea has no boundary. As a senior student I would like you to consider Raffles as a choice for you.

Ploy Rungsrithananon

Fashion Design / Graduate Class of 2013 / Nationality: Thai

My name is Ploy Rungsrithananon. I am Thai. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Fashion design at Raffles International College. I am currently majoring in Fashion Styling and Portfolio at Istituto Marangoni, Milano. I first knew Raffles from a friend. I chose Raffles because of the great reputations and also Raffles is the only university offered Fashion design course in English.

Since entering the fashion design program at Raffles, I have been given a number of great opportunities that have allowed me to gain practical experiences. Raffles has given me the chance to be involved in fashion industry and also taught me to be creative. I believe that my experiences here will help me with the transition into the real working world. In additional, the lecturers here are very nice and friendly. They gave an excellent attention to all students. Moreover, the school is well equipped and provides me with everything I need.

Shafayin Ahmed

Fashion Marketing /Class of 2014 /Nationality: Bangladeshi

After completing my Advanced Diploma in Fashion Marketing in my home country, I was juggling many options of studying abroad to attain my Bachelor’s Degree. Three months before my first semester, I decided to visit Raffles Thailand and I was extremely impressed with the college curriculum, skilled student portfolios and lecturers who are all fashion industry professionals.

I had the great fortune of working with lecturers who were extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Due to the concentrated student numbers in class, each student is given individual attention and the curriculum itself is thorough enough to educate any beginner without a creative background.

Due to the vast range of subjects taught in Raffles Thailand, it is the perfect place to delve in creative education and learn all about the essential basics as well as advanced practices of the design and business industry.

Currently, I am working as a Product Designer for Bitopi Group’s Misami, a renowned garments manufacturer in Bangladesh where I am implementing the extensive amount of knowledge and skills that Raffles has provided me. Hence, here’s a huge shout out to Raffles Thailand for helping me achieve instant success with my fashion career!

Noemie Audrey KLEIN

Graphic Design Student / Nationality: French

I got to know about Raffles through a friend who studied at Raffles Malaysia for 2 years and did her 3rd year in Bangkok. I decided to study at Raffles because my friend told me how great her teachers were, and I knew that Raffles had a very good reputation. 

I'm presently working as an intern for Netizen's company, as well as following my design course at Raffles. Netizen is an IT company. Working there was a very interesting experience because I learned how to handle clients, make a positive output of their opinions and comments, and importantly I also discover how productive I could be for a company. Working for a single company for a month, I really get to know about their brand identity and can produce a design according to their expectations. 

Raffles gave me all skills that I need to develop my own style. The teachers are amazing and really contribute to my future by giving the basics I need and helping me develop all the best aspects of my designs.

Ms. Ariya Penn Kulkijpattana

Adv. Dip. In Interior Design / Class of 2013 /Nationality: Thai

I had first come to know about Raffles Bangkok years ago, when I was looking for an interior design course via the website. I did not have any design background at all and this was a reason why I choose to study at Raffles Bangkok. Raffles did not require students to have portfolio to begin with; but they provide students with the essential basics we need to start and develop our thinking through design development. We were taught to develop our ideas as we believe that “the impossible today, can be possible tomorrow”.

Raffles pushes students to take on internship as a compulsory unit. I believe that after all the studies we do in school; the most important thing is to be able to apply what we learnt in the real working world. I was an intern at Hansar Bangkok, a boutique hotel locating right in the heart of Bangkok, which I was trained within the hotel’s design in-house department. After I had finished my internship period, I was offered a position as an Interior Designer by the Hansar Bangkok.

Lecturers in our school have been a really wonderful mentor and giving extensive concern to students. I would like to take this opportunity to say my greatest thank you to everyone in the school.

Porama Wongkarawek

Multimedia Design/ Graduate Class 2010/ Nationality: Thai

I was born in southern of Thailand. Now I’m 26 years old graduated from Raffles class of 2010 in Multimedia Design program. I’ve known Raffles since I was a student in Sydney, AUS. After I received my Diploma Degree in Multimedia from A.I.T, I was looking for my next step as Bachelor Degree in the same program. I chose Raffles because I was amazed with the students’ portfolios which look so professional. I was quite sure that Raffles would help me to improve my skill and that’s why I chose Raffles.    

After enrollment with Raffles in Sydney campus I realized that they had many campuses in other countries including Bangkok, Thailand. Then I came up with an idea that it would be great if I could study in my home country.

Currently, I’m working as a graphic designer for EWIT Co., Ltd. The company is about media consultant or marketing agency which specializes in online media field such as website and social network. I’m in charge of campaign creating and artwork designing.  

Raffles taught me to be creative not only using computer programs. As most classes at Raffles were organized as private groups (only 5-15 students per class), I had more time to spend with lecturers. I could ask everything, not only questions in the class or from the textbooks but I got more which I called “exclusive consultant”.

If you are looking for a place to study of what you need directly, Raffles is your choice. You will not be required to study any subjects that are not related to your program (such as Thai language or P.E. class). At Raffles you will get international skills, real work and real practice!

Yolchanok Nutcharat

Product Design / Graduate Class of 2013 / Nationality: Thai
I first heard from friends living in Bangkok about a new design school. This was in 2006 or 2005.
I chose Raffles because I wanted to be in Thailand and Raffles was the only university that offered product design in English.
Being in small classes, like at Raffles, means you will get more help and advice from teachers, as they have more time for each student. What we lack in the classes is more competition and passion in our work. 
Studying in Thailand is financially comfortable; things in general is pretty cheap, getting materials, people to help you craft things, prints and whatever items you might need. Thai people in general are friendly and non-confrontational. Bangkok seems to have everything one would need, getting around in the city is easy. Being someone that doesn't understand Thai culture or speak the language very well will have problem getting to truly know Thai people. While most Thais in Bangkok speak English fairly well, the language will still be a barrier. But Thai people are usually pretty open and warm towards foreigners, more so than towards their own kind. There are a lot of good foods to be found in Bangkok, both domestic and foreign. 

Tanya Suksattayanont

Interior Design/ Graduate class 2013/ Nationality: Thai

I am Thai and grown up in Chiang-Mai. I got to know Raffles Bangkok from a graphic design book back in my hometown. I chose to study at Raffles Bangkok because I can finish my bachelor degree within 3 years and that means I can start on the career faster than others. I believe that good designer needs experience together with knowledge. Compare to other universities in Thailand, fresh graduates normally took 5 years to complete their degree in interior design, but at Raffles I take only 3 year-courses then I can spend 2 years gathering more experiences in the design field. I would be a professional designer at the time.

Right after I graduated, I have been working as an interior designer at Cancu International Studio, Bangkok. Raffles provides me courses with many useful subjects in both design and business fields which I believe that they will be very helpful in the future when I build up my own firm.

Raffles education has helped me to achieve success in my career by giving one-by-one advice on every step. Every professor understands their students. They did their best to enhance the outstanding quality of each student and driving us up to the world standard.

Purich Trivitayakhun

Interior Design/ Graduate class 2013/ Nationality: Thai

I learned about Raffles International College when I was looking for a design school for my younger brother many years ago. When I was looking for an interior design course for myself, I revisited the school's curriculum and found that it suite my preference. I also choose the school because of its international status and expected that the institution will enhance me with global-standard design capabilities.

Studying at Raffles enables me to understand design processes and think out of the box. The school encourages students to be highly responsible and independent. Most of the courses value learners' contributions and discoveries. The result is being equipped with well-rounded skills, ready to enter the design industry. The school also gives me opportunities to learn from high-quality educators and meet with international-renowned professionals.

Currently, I am a trainee at Design Worldwide Partnership (DWP), where I can apply my skills in real workplace. My family is also starting an interior design business, so it is a good opportunity to bring my knowledge into practice.

Natasha Doowa

Business Management /Graduate class 2014/ Nationality: Thai/Indian

I’m currently majoring in Business Management. I first learned about Raffles through the eye-catching advertisement placed outside the building on one random evening. I chose to study at Raffles because it offers the course I wanted in a three year program. Here, Iacquire only those subjects that are associated with Business Management; therefore, I save a lot of time and simultaneously learn only what will benefit me in the future. Additionally, it is extremely convenient to get to the college as it is accessible via the Subway (MRT-Silom station) and Skytrain (BTS-Saladaeng station); it is only a 3 minute walk from both stations. I’m heading into my third year and currently also getting experience from my internship. The lecturers here are very friendly and are always available to help the students.

Furthermore, small classes enable the lecturers to give the students individual attention, helping them gain more knowledge and a strong foundation for success. The concept of learning at Raffles is somewhat different from other university as the environment is truly international and they stress on how to utilize what you’ve learnt in a practical way rather than just memorizing the theories. Ultimately, it’ll benefit me by preparing me to actually run my own business in the future. I would recommend Raffles to people who are looking for a practical business education and experience in a supportive environment.


Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism / Graduate class 2013 / Nationality: French/Thai

My name is Kevin Deydier de Pierrefeu and I am half French/Thai. I have just successfully completed the bachelor of commerce in hospitality and tourism (march 2013).

I first knew Raffles by a friend recommendation, but one day I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper about Raffles courses and lead me to studying here, the courses here are very diverse because there are so many programs, which are mainly about business and fashion. At the time I had been looking at different options of upgrading my skills and knowledge in regards of business management in hospitality.

Additionally, the lecturers here are very welcoming and they grant personalized attention to all the students. The best professors I ever had was at Raffles, I’ve always thought that writing was complicated, but the lecturers did a great job of giving advice, helpful critiques, and ideas. The class was fun and enjoyable, and I feel as though I got a lot out of it.

The benefit of studying in Raffles is the classrooms that are well equipped with the latest technology and are designed to make your study successful. The school also provides a study rooms for group or individual work. Raffles also have a library with a full-time librarian on hand to assist the student questions in the well-stocked library.

This is a fantastic beginner’s course into Business Management or Fashion as long as you are willing to put in the study. It is very rewarding and the knowledge you gain will be invaluable.


Namcha - Sheranut Yusananda

Graphic Design / Graduate class 2013 / Nationality:Thai

"The reason I selected to study at Raffles is due to my friend's recommendation. This college has a great reputation about Arts and also it was awarded the Best Design School in Thailand. As I am working and have a hectic schedule, this college provided me with a convenience schedule. I can select the date and time that does not conflict with my work. The lecturers here are very nice and they take a good care of me. Even if I have any urgent questions, I can call them anytime. They are really open-minded with opinion from students. I got a lot of experience from them. We are not learning just only from the class, the college provides us with opportunities to widen our horizon from field trips, both in Thailand and abroad. I think I am smarter after I study here".

Achiraya Prasutanond

Fashion Marketing Student/ Model/ 2nd Runners-up Ms. Teen Thailand'03 / Graduate class 2010 / Nationality: Thai

"As I was interested in Fashion and looked for an Institute that offered an international program for fashion in Thailand, I found Raffles answered my needs.

The environment here is really international. I am planning to study Luxury Brand Management in London, so this institute is the best pathway for me in fashion. Raffles gave me not just only the theory but I could practice more and more of my skills. I can use the knowledge that I got from Raffles to work everywhere. Because we are practical in the class, whether we meet difficult or easy situations, we can manage it well with our skills and knowledge".


Bobby - Nirut Srinkapaibulaya

Visual Communication Student / Nationality: Australian/Thai

"I had been told that "Raffles" is one of the best design schools in Asia. In addition, staff and lecturers are very friendly and helpful. Raffles gave me the tools needed to survive in the industry. Also the knowledge gained here can be used internationally. I would like to recommend "Raffles" to you because you will get for more out of it than what you pay for".


Heidi Kalapuro

Program: Fashion Design /Graduate class 2012 / Nationality:

"I was interested in fashion design and also wanted to move abroad to do my studies. I was looking for a reputable fashion school in Bangkok and found Raffles on google. However before applying, I had quite a good picture of Raffles because I found a lot of information via discussion forums where students and ex-students were talking. Raffles teaches me all the basic knowledge of the fashion industry, how to design, how to make clothes and how to be a successful designer.

I like Thailand a lot ... weather, food, islands ... everything. Living in Thailand for 3 years, where the culture is so different from my own, is really a great plus point and experience. Furthermore everything is a lot cheaper than back home, not only the rental and food, but also all the materials like fabrics that I need for school. The variety of shops where you can get materials for your designs is countless in this creative city, Bangkok".

Jonathan Chung, Hsing-Hung

Fashion Design Student Class of 2010 (graduating) / Nationality: Taiwanese

"I got to know about Raffles by CF at magazines, also Raffles has always had a good reputation in design. Among the Raffles campuses, I preferred Bangkok because of its lower consumer cost and the campus location which is conveniently in town centre.

I love Thailand because of its variety of food, freedom of society and the short distance to travel back to Taiwan. Furthermore, for design there are multiple sources and opportunities in Bangkok as its government emphasis a lot on the design field. However cultural gaps do exist between Thai people and foreigners but it provides good opportunities for exchange of ideas. The good things are Raffles lecturers are really friendly, patient and professional.

The works they gave helped me a lot in developing my passion and patience at work".

Kejal Diwakar

Visual Communication /Graduate class 2014/ Nationality: Nepalese

"I got to know about Raffles from my brother who studies in Bangkok. As II have always wanted to pursue a degree in Graphic Design, I thought Raffles would be the best place for me because of its high reputation in the design field. Studying at Raffles has been a really great experience so far. I've been learning a lot in a few months.

They have really high quality lecturers here. Studying in Thailand has a lot of advantages, it's affordable and convenient. The culture is really similar to my country, so I'm not having a hard time adapting here. I would like to recommend you to come to study here at Raffles family.

I dare say that you will get a lot of experience from the professional lecturers and the internationally environment".

Mark - Panya Wienands

Interior Design / Nationality: Thai/German
I have learn to think and function like a real designer and gradually developing my own technique and individual style. Even though studying is always tight-scheduled, I also work with Waiitai Decorium to bring my ideas to reality that Raffles has always taught. Raffles has given me the opportunity to study at an internationally recognized school, in the very heart of Bangkok. For the last 2 years, Raffles International College has groomed me to become a professional interior designer. With the knowledge I acquired, I am able to handle complex situation professionally.It gives me a new kind of prospective of working in the design industry.

Mayy - Tanarat Kongsupapsiri

Product Design / 2nd prize from "Electrolux Design Lab Competition /
Nationality: Thai
"Actually, I graduated from Assumption University but I would like to continue my study in Product Design. I found that Raffles offer a 3 years Product Design program. I was really interested because when I searched, all universities offer Product Design in 4-5 years program. I don't want to study for too long because I already had a bachelor degree. At Raffles the lecturers let me think out of the box rationally. I can communicate and present my project effectively as well. You don't only learn the theory but lecturers teach you how to adopt your knowledge to the real business world. I dare to say that after students graduate from Raffles they will have a good job which will guarantee their future".

Orn – Patthira Saruttipongpokin

Marketing /Graduate class 2010/ Movie actress / Nationality: Thai
"The reason I decided to study at Raffles is because the curriculum here is exactly what I wants. I can study in Marketing for just only 2.5 years and all the subjects are covered in Business and Marketing. I like the environment here, the lecturers give us a lot of freedom. They are open for us to give opinions. Furthermore, the small class size enables the teachers to take care of all their students in the classes. This school's curriculum is not emphasized just only on the theory but the lecturers push us to apply the theory to the real world of business as well".

Phavini Kalra

Fashion Design Student / Business Owner Phavini Fashion / Nationality: Thai/Indian

"After my very first 3 months at Raffles, I found that my creative vision had been expanded and my ability to envision beautiful clothing had inproved exponentially"

"Tha school gave me valuable skills necessary for me to start my own clothing line, Pavni (www.phavini.com). With small classroom sizes and plenty of individual attention, the professors ensure that you gain all you can from them in order to succeed in the future".

Pichaya Osothcharoenpol

Product Design Student / Graduate class 2011 / Nationality: Thai

"The reason I selected to study here is because I loved Product Design ever since I was in High School. However, an International program for this major is not offered by any Thai University.

I searched and found that Raffles offers this program in English thereby I decided to study here. At Raffles I was provided with a lot of knowledge and experience. I got to practice by myself to design household products for many companies. These chances are rare at other universities in Thailand.

Moreover, lecturers here are very friendly and provide personalized attention to all their students. At anytime, I can discuss and get suggestions from them. My decision to study at Raffles Bangkok is undoubtedly the RIGHT CHOICE!"

Pitta - Pitta Na Patalung

Fashion Marketing /Graduate class 2010 / VJ Channel "[V] Thailand"/ Actress / Nationality: Thai

"I selected to study at "Raffles" because it's really international. Furthermore, the location is very convenient because it's located in downtown Bangkok.

The lecturers here are very friendly and international. I can broaden my horizons with them because they come from different countries in Europe, America, as well as from Asia. The fashion program is not easy because you need to give it time. However, if you really like fashion and would like to start your own brand, then I think the curriculum at Raffles is pretty cool. You can learn everything, not just the theory. The school will give you more practical guidelines so that you can improve yourself on the way you are. I really feel that the curriculum here and the lecturers are really international and professional".

Pupaa Taechanarong

Management /Graduate class 2013 / Nationality: Thai
When I graduate from high school, I choose to join Business Management at Raffles because it could be utilized for my family business. I only study on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Therefore, I am able to do my business with my brother at the same time. I like the small class size because lecturers can focus on all students. Moreover this program takes just 2.5 years compared to others.