Student Application Procedures


Following procedures has to commence at least TWO months before intake date.

  1. Student will have to fill in the application form and make the following payments:
    1. Application Fee
    2. First Payment Upon Admission
  2. Student will have to submit the following documents to Raffles Bangkok:
    1. Completed Application Form
    2. Bank Transfer Slip
    3. Photocopy of Transcripts and Certificates (language and translated into English) (Name, Surname and Middle name must be the same as in the passport.)
    4. 12 x Passport Size (4x6 cm) Photographs
  3. Raffles International College Bangkok will issue a Letter of Acceptance and a Pre-Approve Letter from Ministry of Education Thailand. The process will take around 2 months so please submit all documents in item 2 to our student services 2 months before the term starts. Please submit also other documents as stated on the application form.
  4. Note:
    • These documents will only be issued when the student paid the Application Fee and First Payment Upon Admission.
  5. Student will have to go to the Thailand Embassy in person, with the following documents:
    1. Completed Visa Application Form (can be obtained at the Embassy)
    2. Original & Photocopy of Passport or travel document with validity not less than six months
    3. A Certified Criminal Record Check (from the
      Criminal Record Bureau or police station)
    4. Two 4x6cm full-faced 2 photos, bareheaded, formal dress up photographs taken within the past six months
    5. Letter to Thai embassy from Raffles International College, Bangkok and all other school documents
    6. Pre-Approve Letter from Ministry of Education Thailand
    7. School documents.
    • Step 4 is to apply for Non-Immigrant Visa Category "ED" for studying in Thailand.
    • Student has to indicate this in the Visa Application Form.
    • Non-Immigrant Visa Category "ED" is only valid for three months.
    • Less than Two weeks are required to apply for Non-Immigrant Visa Category "ED". Thus, student should apply for Non-Immigrant Visa Category "ED" only two weeks or less than that before he/she enters Thailand.
  6. Student can only travel to Thailand when he/she obtains the Non-Immigrant Visa Category "ED" stamp on their passport.