Arriving in Thailand


Before the student arrives in Thailand, the student shall need to complete the procedures of submitting all application forms, providing the related documents and transcripts and completing the first payment upon admission. Raffles, Bangkok will issue a Letter of Acceptance and Pre-Approve Letter from Ministry of Education Thailand. Then the student will have to go to the Thailand Embassy in person to apply for a 90 days Non-Immigrant Visa Category "ED" for studying in Thailand. Please refer Foreign Student Application Procedures below.

Upon arriving in Thailand, all matters relating to Visas and Student Permits will be carried out by Raffles. Therefore students do not need to liaise directly with the Immigration Department of Thailand.



Family members (parents/spouse/children) of foreign students pursuing their studies here are allowed to stay on dependent visa. Raffles, Bangkok will issue a letter which can be used to apply for a visa with the immigration.


For Foreign Student

Upon arrival in Thailand, Raffles International College Bangkok will assist Foreign Students to apply for one year student visa with re-entry.
Foreign Students has to bring the following documents and Thai Baht with him/her to Raffles International College Bangkok:

  1. Original Passport with Visa Category "ED" stamp
  2. Original Highest Transcripts and Certificates (Both in original language and translated into English) (Name and Surname must be the same as in the passport.)
  3. 12 x Passport Size (4 x 6 ) Photographs
  4. Student Visa Fee – 1,900 Baht
  5. Re-Entry Visa Fee – 1,000 Baht (single = 1 trip) / 3,800 Baht (multiple = unlimited trips)

  6. Note:
    • Foreign students must do Re-Entry Visa if they want to leave Thailand to other countries, it does not matter for what reason, or to which country. If they did not apply for Re-Entry Visa before leaving Thailand, their Visa Category "ED" will be automatically cancelled. And they will have to repeat the whole process above.