Why Study in Bangkok, THAILAND

Bangkok is a vibrant and well-alive city. In fact it is one of the biggest cities in the world, so you can rest assured that all educational, healthcare and accommodation are of good standards.

The City of Angels or The Land of Smiles, as it is nicknamed offers so much to see, with its countless malls and night markets, varied entertainments and eating places. The Thais are smiling people, gracious and accommodating, especially to foreigners.

For those who enjoy creativity, Bangkok has always got a touch of creativity anywhere you go. You can see the creative interior design of their resorts, creative and trendy fashion, creative TV ads and billboards, and even the creatively designed products sold in numerous hawker stalls and night markets.

For those who are interested in Fashion, Bangkok is a major fashion city of Asia. It boasts many international fashion fairs for example the biggest annual Bangkok International Fashion Fair & Bangkok International Leather Fair which features countless international participants from US, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Bangkok is also a major city for fashion purchasers who are looking for creative, good quality yet affordable fashion accessories and textiles.

For those who would like to get a good multi-cultural exchange and multinational environment, Bangkok and Raffles Bangkok is the place for you. In Asia, Bangkok is the city with the most influx of expatriates and long-term residents, with an estimate of 250,000 foreigners. It is also the city with the largest Japanese population in Asia outside of Japan.

Despite its countless plus points, Bangkok is a relaxing and low cost city to live in. Comparing a city with this kind of magnitude, its consumer price index is one of the lowest in Asia. This naturally allows Raffles Bangkok to charge a much lower tuition fee compared to its other network campuses in the more expensive cities.

As a summary, Raffles Bangkok gives added advantage by providing:

  • A safe and comfortable life with its modern and well-equipped infrastructure
  • Gracious and accommodating people
  • Creative environment
  • Internationally recognized fashion city
  • Great mix of multinational students and residents
  • Low cost of living